Fiverr vs Upwork – Which is Best?

Fiverr and Upwork are two of the largest online marketplaces for outsourced services, with Fiverr being the online marketplace of choice.

When it comes to quick and inexpensive projects, Upwork appeals to businesses that are looking to hire long-term freelancers and contractors.

With these two popular platforms seemingly always in competition, you might be wondering which one is best – Fiverr vs Upwork?

Fiverr vs Upwork - Which is Best?


Let’s take a look at the differences between Fiverr and Upwork and figure out which platform will provide you with the best value.

Fiverr vs Upwork: Which is the BEST Platform to Use in 2022?

Fiverr vs Upwork - Which is Best?


What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a freelancing platform that connects businesses with freelancers.

Businesses can post projects or tasks that they need to be completed, and freelancers can bid on those projects.

The name Fiverr comes from the fact that most projects on the site start at $5. Millions of freelancers use Fiverr to offer 300+ categories of different kinds of services.

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fiverr vs upwork - which is the best


What is Upwork?

Upwork is a website that connects freelancers with businesses who need their services.

It’s a great way to find work as a freelancer, and there are many Upwork benefits, including the ability to search for jobs by category, set your own rates, and get paid quickly.

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Fiverr vs Upwork for Freelancers

As a freelancer, you have a lot of options when it comes to finding work. But which platform is best for you?

Fiverr and Upwork are two of the most popular platforms, and each has its own benefits. Here’s a look at Fiverr vs Upwork in 2022

Fiverr Works for Freelancers, how?

Fiverr is definitely free to use. However, it costs a FLAT 20% fee from each sale the vendor is making.

Whether it’s a $5 gig or a $5000 gig, on each and every profitable project completion, you’ll be charged a 20% flat fee charge (this goes to Fiverr).

For instance, for a $5 Gig, you’ll be charged with a $1 fee and for a $1000 Gig, you’ll be charged with a $200 commission.

Fiverr has the following 4 seller levels for each freelancer.

  • New Seller (These are the new or inexperienced sellers)
  • Level 1 seller
  • Level 2 seller
  • Top-rated seller

Here are some of the best tips;

  • Create a short and high-quality video
  • Over-deliver
  • Promote your gigs

Upwork works for freelancers, how?

Upwork makes use of a commission-based fee shape and its prices are up to 20% commission.

Here’s the Upwork commission charge structure for freelancers.

  • Upwork takes a 20% commission if your client’s billing is up to $500
  • Upwork takes a 10% commission if your client’s billing is between $500.01 – $10,000
  • Upwork takes a 5% commission if your client’s billing is $10,000

Upwork has the following 4 vendor stages for every freelancer.

  • Rising Talent
  • Top Rated
  • Top Rated Plus
  • Expert-Vetted

Here are some of the best tips to use Upwork as a pro as a buyer.

  • Find your niche
  • Show your expertise
  • Be patient

Fiverr vs Upwork for Buyers

When it comes to finding online services, buyers have a lot of options to choose from. But when it comes to finding the best quality for the best price, it can be hard to know where to look.

Fiverr Works for Buyers, how?

  • Before buying any gig contact the seller
  • Use only one account
  • Don’t place big orders at the beginner level

Upwork works for Buyers, how?

  • Post a job and wait for the proposals
  • Analyze the profiles

That’s why we’ve put together a comparison of Fiverr and Upwork, two of the most popular platforms for online services.

Here’s what we found -Many people believe that Upwork benefits are stronger than Fiverr benefits.

However, if you’re only looking for basic service providers like writers or designers then Fiverr may be your best bet.

The Upwork tips that are available are helpful but the site is difficult to navigate.

Plus there are no pricing differences so freelancers may not take your project if they’re more interested in higher-paying jobs elsewhere on the site.

Pros and Cons: Fiverr vs Upwork

pros and cons of fiverr vs Upwork which is best


Fiverr Pros and Cons


  • Find tons of gigs as a freelancer to make money online nowadays
  • Free to join
  • Project-based pricing
  • Payment isn’t released until work approved


  • It’s genuinely difficult to get the first gig (or project) on Fiverr as it has a ton of freelancers imparting less expensive services
  • 20% carrier price and $10,000 challenge cap for freelancers

Upwork Pros and Cons:


  • Higher paying projects
  • For business owners
  • Specify what you want to charge
  • Hourly and fixed payments
  • Faster payments for hourly contracts
  • Only pay for work not on hiring


  • Difficult to get 1st client
  • Higher fee charge by Upwork up to 20% commission

Honest opinion on Fiverr & Upwork

I honestly believe that Fiverr is the better option for a number of reasons.


For one, Fiverr benefits from having a more user-friendly interface.

Secondly, I find that the quality of work on Fiverr is generally higher than what I’ve seen on Upwork.

Thirdly, Fiverr offers a more flexible pricing structure than Upwork. Fourth, on Fiverr, you are able to contact your freelancer directly, which can make communication easier.

The main benefit of Fiverr is the low price point. You can find someone on Fiverr for as little as $5 per hour if you know what you’re looking for (for example, transcription).


Fiverr and Upwork are both great platforms for freelancers. But which one is best for you? It depends on a few factors.

If you’re just starting out, Fiverr may be a better option because it’s easier to get started and there are fewer fees.

If you’re looking for more high-paying clients, then Upwork may be a better option. But ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which platform is best for your needs.

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